18. May 2021

The almighty Alphonso Mango is the goddess of fruits – and demands to be worshipped! Devotees of this Deity of a dessert always buy in bulk, praying that they have enough to last… at least until the next day anyway. Only this exquisite Mango variety is carefully handcrafted by Martosca to create a divine experience that is filled with love from above! This sorbet delivers a celestial combination of sweet, fruity and flowery sensations to the taste buds. Together with it’s velvety creamy texture, it is loved by everyone, without exception. Besides the deliverance of all of these heavenly pleasures that our Mango sorbet brings, it also holds many healthy properties that help strengthen the immune system, and also helps to maintain beautiful skin. Is there any better reason than to treat yourself to a second serving?


Springtime is here!

10. April 2021

Of course there is nothing wrong with enjoying our delicious ice creams and sorbets during the winter months. What better way to reminisce of the hot sunny days and long warm summer nights. But let’s be honest. There is no better way to enjoy your favourite ice cream than to be sitting outside, feeling the warm breeze in the comfort of your favourite summer outfit. So now is the time to stock up. Martosca’s fabulous range of ice creams and fruit sorbets are made only from the finest natural ingredients available, and can be found in all good retail and grocery stores. Made in Germany… naturally.



19. November _ 5 pm

Enjoy your favourite ice cream all on your own, for once

It’s not that you gladly want to do without social contacts…but if there’s no other way, why not see the pleasant sides of it.
And, quite honestly, enjoying Martosca’s delicious ice cream all by yourself is quite something. In such cases there is really only one exception to make: sharing the experience with your best friend 😉


07. October 2020 _ Nürtingen

So far, ice cream has been priced according to volume – a misleading and competition-distorting method, we think. And we are not alone! An investigation by the Hamburg Consumer Advice Centre showed that weight differences in ice cream samples were striking: while the 1 litre volume was the same for all producers, the scales revealed differences ranging from 477 to 870 grams. The explanation is very simple: supermarket ice cream is often whipped with a disproportionate amount of air to make it creamier, so manufacturers say. Those seeing through the game, however, would refer to diluting. The latter include not only consumer advisers but also the Alliance for Quality Ice Cream, in other words we look through the game, too. And we don’t like the fact that an ice cream with lots of air in it often seems cheaper than it is. A long overdue step to take would rather be for basic prices to refer to product weight. This opportunity is now possible in light of revised pre-packaging legislation in favour of harmonising the European market.

Incidentally, it is quite natural for us to limit air whipping to a maximum of 40%. When comparing 1 litre of industrially produced ice cream with an air whipping of 120 to 150%, the result is effectively 300 g more ice cream enjoyment.


17. August 2020 _ Nürtingen

It reads like a WhatsApp message sent from a holiday:
37°C with lots of sunshine, no cloud in the sky, endless lounge music,
Feet dangling in water. Anything missing? Yes – an ice cream!

Those wishing to perfectly round off their sunny day should treat themselves to a fruit sorbet by Martosca. Wonderfully light and natural, full of fruit and
taste, the ice cream is not only vegan but also lactose and gluten free. A lemon ice cream will ensure just the right summer feeling, if your holiday is
spent on your balcony. Variety is also catered for: selecting your most preferred flavour from among raspberry, strawberry, mango and cassis tastes will not come
easy. On the other hand, why tie yourself down to just one flavour when you can pick a different one every day of the summer?


15. Juli 2020 _ Essen

MOS FINE FOOD CONCEPTS wins the Red Dot Award for »DAS GUTE EIS«
(THE GOOD ICE CREAM), Brand & Communication Design 2020 in the packaging design category by in medias rees graphic design studio, Stuttgart. What unites products and labels, both distinguished by the Red Dot Award jury, is their unique design and outstanding creativity. 6,992 projects were registered for the competition this year. Along with the brand DAS GUTE EIS, MOS GmbH provides a targeted contribution to better social and environmental compatibility. Sustainable Demeter quality and fair trade are especially close to the company’s heart. The largest possible proportion of the value chain remains with those farmers the company works in partnership with. Following their motto “A teaspoon for you – a spoon for the world”, the trading partners provide, in addition, a share of the proceeds gained from cups sold for projects that support small farmers as well as their training and further qualification. Now you too may personally contribute to this goal with each spoonful of ice cream.

The ice cream scoop it turned into a globe, symbolising the label’s global responsibility and thus also consumers‘ responsibility.
The claim »A teaspoon for you – a spoon for the world« covers two aspects under the umbrella of just one label: pure pleasure as well as social and ecological responsibility.


17. June 2020 _ Nürtingen

Since 18 May, people in Baden-Württemberg can meet again in cafés and restaurants. Up to 10 people from different households may sit down and share one table, allowing sufficient distance between them. What could be better than meeting with friends, talking, laughing, exchanging ideas. No matter whether indoors in a pub or outside in a beer garden, the quality of life increases through social contacts. If a delicious ice cream can be ordered, the day is just perfect.
Fine Martosca ice cream may now be enjoyed again in good company. On the menu of selected restaurants you will find creamy milk ice cream and fruity sorbets, which will persuade you by the quality of their ingredients, their thoughtful production and an incomparable flavour.


09. April 2020 _ Nürtingen

In the food trade, the purchase decision on ice cream is usually taken at the point of sale. The new Martosca packaging design stands out surprisingly from the competition.
In the centre is the space that makes the cup’s inside visible to the outside. The fruit floats above the ground and results in an artificial installation.
In this way, appreciation for and processing of each individual ingredient finds its expression, acting as the brand’s USP at the same time. Curiosity is aroused and makes you want to try.


29. October 2019 _ Neckarsulm

Pure ice cream delight together with responsibility for people and the environment
– is that possible at all? 

With DAS GUTE EIS the KAUFLAND supermarket chain puts a Fair Trade product on the market which only uses best Demeter ingredients, all sustainably produced and fairly traded.
This includes the fully natural gourmet chocolate by Original Beans made to promote sustainable development of the rainforests as well as the Bio-Bourbon Vanilla bean in its premium quality, all harvested by hand and with much love in Madagascar. Produced is the high-quality ice cream by MOS GMBH in Nürtingen, a company that has gained an excellent reputation in the sector in terms of developing and producing innovative bio brands.


21. October 2019 _ Stuttgart

The gourmet restaurant 5 is one of Stuttgart’s hotspots. Complete with bar, café and lounge the restaurant presents itself with a multicultural and cosmopolitan flair. 5 stands for joie de vivre, aesthetics, design, pleasure and authenticity. In the restaurant’s kitchen only organic products are used. Ever since the last summer season the 5 also holds a very special Demeter organic ice cream on offer: Sandro’s organic ice cream, the perfect addition to the restaurant’s range of high quality products, all of which may only be created with fresh ingredients from regional producers. The result is an optimal cooperation for both sides – and of course a benefit for visitors given the opportunity to enjoy the finest organic ice cream.


19. October 2019 _ Stuttgart

Theo’s Eisdiele(ice cream parlour) on Killesberghöhe recently launched the high-quality Sandro’s organic ice cream in both waffles and cups. Only the finest, fresh ingredients are used in the production process, almost all of which are from regional producers and processed by hand according to very special recipes. Ice cream with passion, promising pure enjoyment. After shopping on Killesberghöhe or taking a walk through Stuttgart’s hilltop park, you will enjoy rewarding yourself with this fairly and sustainably produced ice cream speciality. Do try it yourself.

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