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Convincing arguments that can be seen.

You too can benefit from the expertise and flexibility of our ice cream production.
We have been a reliable supplier of our ice cream specialities for re-sale to selected
partners in the food retail industry, catering and wholesale for many years.
Thanks to the size of our operation and its structure, we are able to fulfil our customers‘
requests flexibly and at short notice. Every day, we turn several thousand tons of ice
mass into ice cream.

Retail sector
Wholesale Catering

Retail sector

A plus for you and your customers: enjoyment from the freezer.

More and more consumers are taking note of exactly what is in the
food they eat. So you can be sure that martosca‘s ice cream specialities
are just the thing.
However, they won‘t be with you for long. Because we supply information and advertising materials to create awareness and brand familiarity and support you at the POS. Our delicious ice cream creations are available in tubs of 500 ml, 400 ml and 150 ml.

Wholesale Catering

You too can use our strengths for your success.

If you want to delight your guests and customers with “specialities of
the house”, you don’t have to miss out on the unique quality of our ice
cream creations. We work with dedication and commitment to develop and
produce exclusive own brands for you to strict martosca quality criteria.
And it doesn’t always have to have martosca on the outside even if it is on
the inside. After all, discretion is one of our strengths, and we are perfectly
happy to share a little secret with you. We will be as discreet and neutral as
you like.
Our ice cream specialities are packed in disposable stainless-steel effect ice
cream bowls of 5 litres or in pozzettis (retro look buckets) of 5.7 litres.
Not only does this look good, but it also has genuine practical and ecological
advantages: the stackable packaging is easy to dispose of. A pleasant side
effect of our portioning temperature of –12°C to –14°C instead of the usual –
18°C is the lower energy consumption required for freezing.


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